Hi! I'm Tanya.

I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and coaches increase their profits & impact by teaching them to perfectly package their offerings for the precisely right people.

The only question I have is: Will you be next?



Strategically packaged offers lay the foundation for a more elegant business model that allows entrepreneurs & coaches to move away from trading hours for dollars. They enable them to leverage their time & talent to work more in their zone of genius without the constraints of time.

Instead, their value is measured by the results they help produce & the change they help facilitate - not the amount of time it takes. Results are the true measure of benefit, not time.

Great packages attract a more committed, upleveled clientele. Because they typically stretch over a time period spanning anywhere from one month to up to a year or longer, there’s an innately high commitment factor. Clients have skin in the game; they're all in.

In our work together, my clients learn the inside scoop about what it takes to strategically create just this kind of successful packaged offering.

Do you need more chaos & complexity in your biz? I'm guessing the answer to that is a gigantic NO!
One of my favorite things to teach fellow business owners is about the amazing structure and reduction of chaos & complexity - for the client and for the biz owner - packages provide.
Leonardo da Vinci wisely said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." And sophisticated packages simply provide better results all around.

Packages are power.

"Tanya has been an incredible resource to me by not only informing me about the new trends in the industry, but by also offering customized solutions specific to my business & my clients. She's encouraged me to use multiple key, powerful resources, and that transformed the way I interact with my clients. Tanya's always been ahead of the trends and her understanding of technology is without question, extensive. Most importantly, the way she communicates how these new systems can enhance your business's potential are presented in an understandable, fun & engaging way. I'd recommend her services to any size business, from large to small. One session with her will energize you and your employees!"

Grace G. | Portland, Oregon USA
Entrepreneur, Artist & Designer

"What I feel is so great and different about Tanya and Digital Sophisticate is that even though she is one of those gurus, she is a lot about my stuff as well—the heart and happiness—and she talks about things in a way that people can understand. She wants her clients to succeed. There sure is a soul in her business!"

Herdis P. | Reykjavík, Iceland
Owner, CEO and Coach

"This training with Tanya was GREAT. It was full of wonderful information and all the things you need to know to get yourself started and on the way to being a ‘Pinterest Queen!’ Tanya shares her information really clearly and eloquently, so you can confidently navigate this fascinating form of social media."

Lucinda P. | Toronto, Canada
Reiki Master & ARTbundance Coach

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