The Confusion Ends NOW.

Sick of spinning around in circles feeling overwhelmed & confused about designing – or redesigning – your signature offer?


Maybe you're stuck trying to decide how long your coaching engagements should be...

"Six months feels like a stretch, but three months doesn't feel like enough."


Or perhaps you're drawing a blank when it comes to what to include in your offer...

"It seems like everyone includes bonuses, but does that mean I should? And what would be a great bonus? Or is it bonuses??"


And then there's the behemoth, the "Queen Mother" of confusion that only the blessed few slip past unscathed – the mental drama of not knowing how to price your offer...

"Jessica, my coach bestie, says no matter what my price should always end in 97, or my launch will flop. And Lynn from my mastermind group said every time she offers a payment plan she loses money. I might want to offer one, but I definitely don't want to lose money!"



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