It's a simple question, only 6 words.

But "simple" doesn't necessarily equate to "easy."

So, I'll ask again. Who are you willing to become?

  • to create a lifestyle that enables you to spend loads of quality time with your family & friends
  • to make an enormous impact running exactly the kind of business you have a burning passion to run
  • to help those you serve reach outcomes they never thought possible
  • to grow a team and lead that team to become the best version of themselves
  • to significantly increase your revenue and thrive

If you've made it this far, I'm guessing you probably want a minimum of three of the five things listed above. 

And it's also likely you've already been working a while towards getting them (really hard, as a matter of fact!) If only you had more time in your day/week/month...maybe, just maybe you could find a way to squeeze three more hourly sessions in.


But what you really want is a better way. A smarter way. A way to work with those you enjoy working with the most...on repeat!

I *feel* you. Truly, I DO!

For years, I hid...

  • behind a desk, playing it "safe"
  • by not stretching myself further to reach for the opportunities that were slightly beyond my grasp
  • by not understanding the true purpose of fear and how to respond to it
  • by not using my voice to share my brilliance and bring value to those who needed it the most
  • and waited to be selected or chosen by someone else I deemed wiser than I was


The last thing I want is for YOU to stay stuck, hiding your brilliance as I did.

Far too often I've witnessed the limitations the old charge-by-the-hour paradigm places on other entrepreneurs & coaches, and I know there is a more effective, fulfilling way.

The more elegant packaging model allows you to move away from trading hours for dollars, and instead better leverages your time & talent to work solidly in your zone of genius. It also poises you for more powerful positioning in the marketplace. (Who doesn't want that? I know...riiight?!?!)

Carefully crafted packages provide a clear path for entrepreneurs & coaches to finally be able to scale their businesses while simultaneously delivering much greater value & results to everyone they work with. They open a world of possibility for them they often never thought possible.

"I believe your life is the ultimate tool you have to become who you are. Use it!" ~Tanya McGill Freeman


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