My Brain Is a Beast


My brain is a beast, which is great and also awful.

It focuses on whatever I direct it to focus on. Those things could be amazing thoughts about what I'm planning for the future, or they could be sucky thoughts about how I didn't make that one phone call I needed to.

Either way, my brain goes to work focusing on whatever I tell it to. It's doing its job. 100% of the time.

It's up to me to do my job of directing its focus so it stays on thoughts that serve me and help me move forward. Otherwise, there's a strong chance it's going to latch on to an unhelpful thought and go to town with it.

Is something wrong with my brain? No – that's what brains do. This is the beautiful experience of being a human.

So, if you find your unattended mind acting similarly, know everything is working as it should...

And, that you can change the conversation happening in your brain any time you like.

Shift it from one that keeps ruminating on how much it didn't get done yesterday to one that's focused on the incredible future you're building. Right now. With your thoughts.  



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